The New Orleans International

Music Colloquium
Welcome to the 2016 New Orleans International Music Colloquium!

The New Orleans International Music Colloquium (NOIMC) is an annual series of informal presentations, panels and interviews by local scholars and musicians, exploring the history and heritage of New Orleans music.  It is free and open to the public.

The 20th annual colloquium takes place on Sunday, April 10, 2016, at 6330 St. Charles Avenue (conveniently located on the streetcar line and adjacent to Audubon Park).

See below for the event schedule or click on the link at right for a printable version:  NOIMC2016.pdf
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New Orleans International Music Colloquium

Benevolent Societies, Stage Shows & New Orleans Music

Sunday, April 10, 2016

9 am to 9 pm

6330 St. Charles Avenue

Free & Open to the Public

Welcome & Coffee

9:00 am                Musicians’ Burial Sites & Cemetery Research Methods: Emily Ford

10:00 am             The Word Minstrel (Meaning to Sing) & Examples of the Music: Panel with Justin Winston, Carolyn Kolb, Charles Chamberlain & Jack Stewart, moderator

11:00 am             Danny Barker in New Orleans: Jon Pult

12:00 pm             The Oddfellows in New Orleans: Panel discussion with Michael Duplantier, Jack Stewart & Ann Woodruff

1:00 pm               Three Hundred Years of Women in New Orleans Music: Carolyn Kolb

2:00 pm               Indigenous & French Musical Interactions in Colonial Louisiana: Shane Lief

3:00 pm               Italians in New Orleans Music –  Upcoming Museum Exhibit: Frank Maselli, American Italian Cultural Center

4:00 pm               Minstrel Shows, Medicine Shows & Tent Shows: Panel with Rick Coleman, Shane Lief, Dan Meyer, Kathryn Hobgood Ray & Jack Stewart, moderator

5:00 pm               New Orleans Jazz Restoration Society’s “Origins of Jazz” Project: Bob McIntyre

6:00 pm               Darensbourg Family History: Joe Darensbourg

7:00 pm               Early Cylinder & Edison Records with Bands & Marching Pieces That Became Part of the New Orleans Repertoire: John McCusker playing actual historic phonographs

8:00 pm               Preliminary Research on San Domingue/Haiti: The Diaspora & its Effect on New Orleans Culture: Jack Stewart, with music by Carolyn Kolb

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